Application Documents Needed

As credit standards have tightened lenders have gone back to a more thorough documentation process. As a result you can expect to need the following items when you meet with your lender. You may find that more or less is needed based on your individual circumstances but it’s best to be prepared.
General Info:
Legal Name
Addresses for the past 2 years
Date of birth
Proof of ID with photo
          Driver’s license, passport, government issued ID
Proof of social security number
          Social security card, government issued document (W-2) with ss#
Check or money order for application fee
Employment history for the past 2 years with names, addresses, phone numbers, income figures
Most recent federal tax returns and W-2’s
Most recent 1 month’s pay stubs
If qualifying with child support/alimony – copy of the full divorce decree.
Most recent 2 months (or quarterly) bank, CU, 401k, mutual fund, etc. statementsall pages
Copy of any deposit checks made to purchase the subject property
Note: Web based copies of asset documents should include the full account number and account holder’s full name.
If you are currently renting - last 12 rent checks or reference letter from landlord
Letter explaining any derogatory information or inquiries on your credit report
Name, address, and account number for any debts not listed on the credit report
If you were bankrupt, your bankruptcy papers (including schedule of debts) and your discharge
If paying child support/alimony – copy of the full divorce decree and proof of timely payment history
If you are purchasing – Purchase Contract, all addendums, multiple listing ticket, name and contact info for your realtor.
If you are refinancing – tax bills for the property, homeowner’s insurance declaration page
If property is a condo – master deed, bylaws, financial docs, contact person for condo association
Miscellaneous (these may apply)
If obtaining a VA mortgage – Certificate of Eligibility or DD214
Lease agreements for rental properties obtained in the past year
Gift letter, copy of check, proof of deposit, proof of donor’s ability